Newly founded in 2012, Ozed is creating sunglasses of a distinctly fresh variety.

Nothing but wax against wood, with a little magic thrown in, Ozed sunglasses are above all a state of mind. Original and unique, our essence derives from the world of surf, snow and skate. Inspired by its art, its music and its lifestyle, we’re an independent brand with plenty of room for creativity.

We want to bring back simple and shared values. Every member of the Ozed family is involved in the development of the brand. Ozed isn’t just our brand: it’s a brand for people who want to get out there and do something. Everyone associated or working with the brand is united by the same ideals… and by the ultimate desire to just have fun !

Our aim: using original and natural materials, is to revisit timeless designs with a little innovation. It’s all about the love of style. Our mission: to develop best-quality and unique sunglasses for other free spirits who share our values and our passion.

It’s time to see things differently….Ozed. A new vision.


Our lenses

To offer you the best visual comfort and in a spirit of continous improvement, Ozed is developing protective lenses of hight quality, polarized and category 3. Discover thus our Delta Vision lenses to explore a new vision of the world...

Logo Delta Vision

Forget your old dull lenses and update them with DELTA VISION from Ozed!

DELTA VISION™ technology has 3 spheres of action for a more profound outlook on life and enhanced protection efficiency.

- Optimal protection.

Thanks to inverse double polarization, Dual Polarized from Ozed with 100% UVA & UVB protection, your eyes will thank you during a long day at the beach or in the mountains.

- An extraordinary comfort.

The anti-reflect processing Light Absorption™ from Ozed will limit reflection (luminous halos) which penalize your visual comfort.

Coupled with the specific Ozed KoloraMax process, Delta Vision lenses will give you a more brilliant vision whist remaining loyal to reality

- Stronger and cleaner lenses.

Delta Vision lenses are equipped with an anti scratch treatment as well as the Ozed Lotus+ technology: a hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment to help rappel  liquids and avoid marks and stains.

Logo Dual Polarized

Ozed is committed to providing maximum eye protection. Thanks to Ozed Dual Technology™, we are pleased to give you a new vision of the world!

Your vision is constantly exposed to numerous reflections that distort your perception. Due to its structure, your eye assimilates some types of light rays less efficiently than others. Horizontal polarised rays are the most disruptive and dazzling. High-reflection areas – such as glazed surfaces, snow, water or sand – tend to alter the sun's rays. When reflected, the rays leave the surface deformed (change in wave phase, direction, etc.), thus distorting the base signal and causing them to pollute your vision

Our Ozed Dual Technology™ polarized lenses are created from two superimposed linear polarizing filters with vertical components. These filters consist of crystals orientated by electromagnetic treatment. They enable optimum selection of non-deformed waves, eliminating any disruptive signals (dephased reflected waves, etc.).

Ozed Dual Technology™ lenses thus eliminate any disruptive or dazzling waves for the retina, recovering the optimum signals that facilitate image processing by the eye. In this manner, the lenses offer enhanced perception of depth and more authentic colour brilliance, while improving contrast sharpness. You have a clearer vision and your eyes are protected against fatigue, thus providing optimum comfort, even in high-reflection areas.

Ozed Dual Technology™. A new vision.

Our Delta Vision lenses treatments 

Layers of lenses

Ozed offers high quality lenses for maximum protection of your eyes. Using the latest technology in solar eye protection, ozed sunglasses will allow you to make the most of sunny days and beautiful landscapes without damaging your eyes. test our unique colour rendering, with a flawless comfort.

Logo light absorption

Lenses not treated with anti-reflect alter the quality of the image as it’s transmitted to your retina: you can lose between 10 and 15 % light.

Our lenses treated with Light Absorption technology means that:

- Increased clarity and sharpness, contrast and precision in view by letting 99% light pass through giving perfect transparence.

- Protection from harmful UV rays.

- Blocking of light halos and other reflections which could harm your visual comfort.

- Lenses which have easier maintenance since they are resistant to not only scratches, but water, oil and dust.

Do not stint your eyes from all the nuances of colour that life offers you. Kolormax processing by Ozed filters and separates the wavelengths carried by light to keep the colours authentic and refine the hues, contrasts and depth.

Logo Lotus

Like all natural properties found in the flower of the same name, Ozed Lotus+ technology has hydrophobic and oleophobic qualities.  They allow the run off of water on the lense and avoid subsistent marks. In a similar fashion, the oleophobic treatement allows you to care for your lenses. By having smooth and non sticky surface, the appearance of stains is limited.


Our Technologies

To further drive forward the quality of our products, we have researched solutions to facilitate lens changing on our glasses. On the majority of normal sunglasses, the lenses are clipped in, which creates tension issues and makes the frame more fragile,especially on wood. With the UNLOCK TECHNOLOGY™, our R&D team at Ozed have created a solution.

Using two micro screws, created by Ozed, which are placed on top. It is now possible to open the face before changing the lenses without any force. This unique procedure avoids tension and  prevents breakages.

This process is simple. Unscrew the frame which releases the lenses from the rim, then position the new lense in the recess . The V shaped recess guides the lense into optimal positioning. Tighten the frame and you are done.

All becomes possible, change your glasses to your prescription lenses or simply change the colour of  them. 

Unlock Technology

Ozed has further pushed the boundaries of glasses manufacturing. Our MULTI LAYERS TECHNOLOGY™ construction process gives you the most resistant wooden glasses on the market, whilst retaining a refined finish.

The treatment of the wood allows the product to be worked in a more fine and soft manner. The MULTI LAYERS TECHNOLOGY™ fabrication process joins multiple layers of pure wood. By interlacing layers of horizontal and vertical wood fibres, the strength of the frame is greatly increased.

This technology means that we can work with types of noble and exotic wood, that were previously too fragile. We can play with the wood taints to create a subtle colour effects, and produce bi-colour frames (inside/outside).

The MULITLAYERS TECHNOLOGY™ gives an unrivalled finish to the wood. The frames are more refined and understated.

Multi-layer technologies