Ozed : A commitment to you for our planet

ozed save our planet


Ozed is deeply committed to reforestation. In fact, every time we sell a pair of Ozed Wood Series sunglasses, a tree is planted in Haiti. This small act of eco-citizenry is important to us, and made possible thanks to the Pur Project Association. Soon you'll not only be able to watch our forests grow online, but also to acces your own personal space on the Project website and view the tree that was replanted when you bought your pair of Ozed Wood Series sunglasses!


Ozed is conscious of its own impact on the environment, and especially its carbon dioxide emissions. To that end, all emissions from the manufacture, transport and distribution of our sunglasses are offset through our partnership with the Pur Project. The amount of CO2 emitted from each of our events, products and even from our own lifestyles are recorded, quantified and compensated accordingly.


In the spirit of conserving biodiversity and renewing natural resources, all millworks used for the manufacture of our sunglasses are certified ecofriendly. The wood comes from authorised and controlled forests that avoid large-scale chopping and promote the preservation of flora and fauna. Our choice of wood is part of the fight against deforestation and the survival of our beautiful planet.

Wear Ozed, save our forest.
Ozed. A new vision.

a new vision

The wood that we use and the treatment of the wood both meets with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) criteria of managing environmental and social standards.

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